Bean Poles and Tomato Pots

I was supposed to have stopped tonight after we built the raised bed. But just couldn’t.  I was too excited to. I’m funny that way. . .I love having a proper vegetable garden after way too many years of having to content myself with pots and window boxes and gro-bags. Hoping for my first proper harvest this year is making me positively giddy!

Bean polesSo you’ll forgive me if I snuck back out to the garden after dinner and did just a little more.

Staying with the theme of ‘using whatever we find laying around,’ I made some bean pole teepees from small sapling trees we’d cut down. I took four similar lengths, dug them into the ground a bit and angled them together at the top. A quick tie off where they met and they’re all ready to support the many kinds of beans we have growing!

I also sorted out the tomato tubs and cages. Last year I had them on the little bridge right in front of our front door hoping that the deer wouldn’t come that close to the house. I made it about 3/4 of the way through the season before Bambi and her crew came at midnight and stripped every last leave on all eight plants.

Eight tomato pots!

Eight tomato pots!

But this year they’ll be under cover at night, so, hopefully, with a little luck, we’ll have a fantastic harvest this year!

I also went a little crazy and decided to try something new. . .those up-side-down tomato basket hanger things. They’ll have to go where my lovely hanging baskets full of flowers usually do, but I hope it’s a good, deer proof option. I chose red cherry tomatoes to go in one and some purplish-black cherry tomatoes to go in another.

Hopefully, when my pots of yellow and orange cherry and pear tomatoes start to produce, I’ll have the tomato salad of my dreams!

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